About the Visionary


Would you believe me if I told you that Abundant Life Consulting Services, LLC was not founded by a visionary who always took the easiest and highest roads? What if I told you that it did not manifest by one who always knew 100% of the right answers concerning life and successful business partnerships?


Well, that’s just it! The vision was charged by accepting the fact that like many others, Anita Williams did not always possess the very things that most would often consider noteworthy. Anita used her personal and professional career experiences fueled with lofty objectives to invoke on a path that was seldom traveled. Learning how to live and survive past multiple setbacks including being downsized at the height of her career was the catalyst that soothed her hunger and one that would soon feed that of many others. She knew that if she maintained the winning attitude that the “glass is half-full” there would be nothing that could keep her from catapulting into her destiny ahead and vision to coach others on how to believe and succeed beyond their reach.

ANITA WILLIAMS believes that almost every golden idea starts with a problem that needs a proven solution. “My job is not to say what you want to hear but to tell you what is proven to work best for you”, a personal statement that she firmly stands on.

Sourcing creative talents to apply basic life principles and practical business ethics is how Abundant Life Consulting Services, LLC works for you to deliver personal and professional training and coaching solutions.

Anita is a graduate of Grambling State University where she received her BS degree in Marketing and minor in Computer Information Systems. Additionally, she obtained experience serving as the Director of Economic Development at West Georgia Technical College where she obtained the professional designation to be a Certified Economic Developer Trainer (CEDT) to deliver lifelong learning programs and industry contract training.

Anita's professional success also can be partly attributed to her experience in the community as a youth mentor and personal life coach alongside her husband Michael. She, her husband and their three children work as a team to impact surrounding communities by connecting individuals with the aide of community partners and viable resources needed to live wholesome and abundant lives. 

Anita Williams, CEO/Owner

  My Expertise


  • Business Consulting

  • Personal and Professional Training & Development

  • Professional Speaker 

  • Life Coaching

  • Youth Mentoring & Development

  • Event Management

  • Graphics Designer